About Providence PlayCorps

Providence PlayCorps aims to activate low-income neighborhood parks across the city with free play, art, and creative exploration in conjunction with the free federal summer meals program.

Teams of trained play facilitators are a consistent presence at neighborhood parks throughout Providence.  They provide activities and materials to engage neighborhood children in physically active play, improving the overall safety of the parks while encouraging more children to take advantage of free, nutritious summer meals.  By working in neighborhood parks, PlayCorps fills the gap when school is out to ensure that Providence youth are safe, active, fed, and healthy over the summer.

Play activities take place from July 5 to August 22, 2017 (Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM) in these parks:
  • Father Lennon/Camden Street Park (Smith Hill)
  • General Street Park (Wanskuck)
  • Harriet & Sayles Park (South Side)
  • Bucklin Park (West End)

Join PlayCorps members for an exciting summer of play.  Enjoy a free summer meal (18 and under) and build forts, blow bubbles, make art, make music, explore nature, make friends, and SO much more!

For updates and activity announcements, follow PlayCorps on Facebook and Twitter.

Providence PlayCorps was founded by a collaboration of the City of Providence’s Department of Parks + Recreation and Healthy Communities Office, the Partnership for Providence Parks and Providence Children's Museum.  It now rests in the hands of the City of Providence's Parks Department.

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