Leader series 2019: Hamlet- Neutaconkanut Park

Welcome to Neutaconkanut Park
(Abisola, Andrea, Hamlet, and Estefany)

Hello all this summer has been filled with lots of fun and action packed. Our first few weeks of summer were first spent at General Street Park but unfortunately we had to move due to very low numbers, it was very difficult for our crew to leave behind the few kids we did play with but we sadly had to. Once at Neutaconkanut we wasted no time, and got right to playing and engaging all of the kids and families that came to this park. We adapted really well to the park and it’s community environment really well and so did the kids with us.This park serves more than 100 meals a day so we had plenty of kids to play with throughout the entire day, and with there being a pool and splash pad next to the playground we had a constant play. There are four of us here at Neutaconkanut so we never ran out of ideas for what to do.
Our summer has consisted of plenty of activities varying from locomotive play to arts and crafts:
 Bracelet making

Incorporating both imaginary and locomotive play:
 Hot potato
Fort Building

Oobleck/slime making

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