2019 Leader Series: Aleana, Joslin Park!

Introducing Joslin Park
The beautiful artwork of one of our regulars! 
Hey I’m Aleana, the Playcorps Leader for Joslin Park. I first found out about PlayCorps last year by a close friend. At first I was really nervous, thinking about how I would do with the kids, the extreme heat, and it just being my first time, but I knew it was a summer job I wanted to do. When I found out about having to do a full week long training, I started to regret it and started second guessing my choice, but oh was I WRONG. I loved everything about it. We did fun icebreakers to loosen up the mood, made new friends/ getting to know everyone that was going to be apart of the team, learn about kid safety and so much more. Once the week of training was done I realized how much it impacted my life by allowing me to get up and out of my shyness, talk my mind a lot more, and being able to forget about everything and just be a KID again. 

Kids Yoga every Thursday with Fitness in the Parks!
This year I am a new Leader, at a new Park, so I was in for a pool of surprises. With me at Joslin Park, there's also Laura and Katrina, who help me make the child's summer get better each day. The first day of PlayCorps I was extremely nervous because of how we were at a new park and me just not knowing the area well at all. But after a few weeks, we started to get many kids each day for some time of fun and creative games.

Slip-n-slide fun 

Monday's tend to be slow to start so we keep cool in the shade and do some crafts. Our regulars love to paint and make bracelets. On really hot days we will make slip-n-slides or run around in the water park! You can see us doing just about anything in the field from playing soccer, basketball, or a new made up game! Thursdays we participate in the Fitness in the Parks kids yoga class!  We have a blast at Joslin no matter what the day brings!

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