2019 Leader Series: Divine Smith, Father Lennon Park

Camden street park (Father lennon) blog post
“Come Play at Camden”
Right in the middle of camden street theres a big ol park named Father Lennon park, otherwise

known as Camden St. Park, and in the summer its full of children and teens playing or loking for something to do in the heat. At Playcorps we help fuel and support childrens free-play, imagination and creativity during the summer, while helping provide free summer lunches to can them active, healthy and fed so they can continue to play. At Camden st. Park we have 4 amazing staff that consists of me (Divine), Davannah, Kiara and Sarah. Our staff of play workers help provide a safe, clean, and creative environment for children to play.
Here are some examples of the fun and amazing things that happens at our park,

Improvised Water Slide: 

And this week we were lucky to have a party in the park, here are some of the great times we had : 

Now that you've seen what we been up to at our park, come and play at Camden, whether its to use the Selim-Rogers rec and pool that's right next door, the playground or the parkour
Corner, there's always fun to be had at Camden St. Park.

/-Divine Smith

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