2019 Leader Series: Phil, Harriet and Sayles: A Mud Pit Wonderland!

I’m Phil, the Playcorps leader at Harriet and Sayles Park. I wear cheap CVS flip flops to work every day,
because the kids at Harriet and Sayles love mud.
It’s awesome. I love mud too, so everything works out.
Harriet and Sayles is basically a giant sandbox with a swing set and some equipment,
and it’s right next to a waterpark.
 The first day Playcorps was there, the kids started digging with whatever they could.
It wasn’t long until every bucket and semi-usable container they could find was commandeered
in the mud pit effort.

The mud pit is now an almost daily event, with sometimes a dozen or so kids participating.
Dirtiness isn’t much of an issue, because most of them go back and forth between the sand
and the water park, so they’re happily drenched but spotless by the time they go home.

Besides mud, Harriet and Sayles Park has a giant field behind it,
complete with a baseball diamond. We also always have an art corner,
where kids make everything from hero masks, to pipe cleaner people,
to giant tape covered sticks to chase Playcorps associates around the playground with. 

Harriet and Sayles is the center of a wonderful community. We have a lot of kids and families
who show up regularly or every day. It’s always great to see the friendships and relationships
that already exist in the neighborhood, and to watch and help new ones form. 
So come by Harriet and Sayles Park! Bring clothes you can get wet for the full experience!

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