The Power of Music

“Crack! Pop! Bonk! Clank!”

The sound of play echoed through the park. To an outsider, the sight of old buckets, pots, trash cans, and boxes arranged in a circle might appear lackluster and without value. But using a combination of drumsticks, hands, and style, the children of Camden Avenue Park were transformed into musicians. That is, gleeful musicians: the sound of their laughter nearly overpowered their percussional medley from the get-go.

This isn’t a stand-alone occurence: music has proven time and time again to be a reliable way to illuminate the faces of children with smiles. The beauty in the simplicity of materials utilized by PlayCorps is that any child, regardless of where they are or what they have available, can find a way to replicate this play by themselves to bring about a joyful experience.

At our newest location, Bucklin Park, musical play pervades as well. On their very first day there, the team refurbished bins, pots, and even a bird house to create their very own drum set. Sitting next to a PlayCorps Leader, a young boy at Bucklin was able to engage in parallel play, a form of play in which children play adjacent to each other, but do not try to influence one another's behavior This form of play shows us that you don’t need expensive equipment or many others around to have fun, you just need yourself, and a playful spirit.

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