Glass and its unwanted presence in Providence parks

Many assume broken bottles and shards of glass wouldn’t make an appearance in public parks. The General Street Park PlayCorps team knows that it does. Day-in and Day-out staff works to clean up their park to ensure it is safe for children to play in. Fortunately, due to their efforts and the efforts of Providence Parks Grounds Crew at the parks throughout the city, children are able to have memorable, fun, and safe times at public parks with nothing to worry about.

The picture below, taken by the General Street Park PlayCorps team before the children arrived at their park for the day, belies a fundamental concern with littering-behavior.
Each morning when staff arrives, shattered glass bottles and scattered shards can be found everywhere. The picture only represents a small portion of what was collected to make the park safe for the day.

Many do not realize the magnitude of the glass issue because good-willed workers do everything in their power to clean up all the glass each morning: ensuring there is no risk to others during the day.

But the problem is real. When people drink outside overnight, many not only litter but toss their bottles onto the ground: generating the shards of glass. Those who do so may have not recognized the negative impact they could have on park goers during the day.

It’s extremely important for all of us to come together and work to keep our parks clean. Whether it be through remembering not to litter or reminding a friend that littering does not help anyone and only bears the potential to hinder. By keeping our parks clean, not only will it help improve their vibrancy, but it will free up city staff to devote more of their time to improving and helping our neighborhoods in other significant ways.

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